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Projects we have completed for our clients as a Contractor Company 

Druid Grove Apartments located in Oba  / Alanya. There are 36 luxury Irish Apartments.


Anapark villas located Kargicak / Alanya. Totaly 12 luxury villas. All SOLD.


Location: Oba/Alanya

5 minute Walking distance to the Oba beach



A villa type mansion
Ø  It is 250 meters high, located sage to the environment and the sea. 
Ø  The property is a villa, having a basement, 3 normal floors and 1 terrace totally 4 floors.
Ø  The villa is made of reinforced concrete. The environment is covered with 1st quality decorative stones and surrounded with a wall.
Ø  The surrounding wall is covered with 1st quality decorative cast iron fences.
Ø  In the garden there are fruit trees, a camellia, a barbeque, a fireplace and a tandour. A 4 tons LPG tank for heating is buried in the garden. Besides, there is purification, camellia, and watering system and a special dog hut.
Ø  There is an 100 KWA automatic generator with a special transformer at the back garden, and a private 100 KWA special transformer.
Ø  The entrance door of the villa is made of TEAK and steel, imported materials are being used.

Ø  All the grounds are made of 1st quality with different colors and designs special imported GRANITE. All the walls in bathrooms and toilets are covered with GRANITE.
Ø  There is water insulation at the building. All the exterior glasses of the windows and doors of the villa are a special production of Şişecam and with heat and sound insulation; the windows are multifunctional useable and unbreakable.
Ø  At the entrance floor there is a 100 m² living room, above this a 200 m² terrace and on this terrace a SWIMMING POOL and a 50 m² dinning room. 1st quality heatproof joinery.
  Ø  The balcony and stairs railing is made of 1st quality chrome covered. The living room and the terrace have got slide glass doors.
Ø  There is a TV and Telephone system in every room.
Ø  At the entrance floor there is 1 kitchen, 2 bedrooms with toilet and bathroom. All the toilets are built in reservoirs. In every bathroom of the rooms there is a length (shower) whirlpool, and near the swimming pool there is a bath tube whirlpool. And at the parents room there is a whirlpool too. AT the 1st floor there are 3 bedrooms with toilet, bath room, wardrobe room and balconies. There is also 1 kitchen and living room. At this floor for the guests there are separate toilets.
Ø  At the terrace floor there is 1 bath room - toilet and a living room with an American style kitchen. At this floor laminat parquet and for the kitchen cupboards Italian materials (ancestral) are being used.
Ø  The building furniture and doors Italian type wood furniture is being used.
Ø  The bar at the terrace swimming pool is directly connected with a staircase to the garden.

Ø  All the villa’s heating is made from the ground and the heating and cooling is completely computer controlled.

Ø  At the basement floor there is garage for 4 vehicles with automatically opening door, a depot, a controlling room for the heating and cooling system of the villa. And a connection to the villa.
Ø  At the basement floor facing the garden there is a 70 m² gym, a Turkish bath and Sauna, a toilet, a bath room and dressing rooms. There are also two washing and ironing rooms with wardrobe, a cellar and cold-storage depot.
Ø  The central hot water system has got a 40 tons capacity water depot.
Ø  At the basement floor there is a 3 roomed doorman flat with 2 toilets and 1 bath room.
Ø  At the middle floor 1 kitchen, 3 bath rooms, and toilet.
Ø  At the upper floor 1 bath room toilet, 1 kitchen.
Ø  The discharge tubes of the villa are hand made copper tubes with special handwork.
Ø  The roof is made of materials imported from South Africa. There is a lightning rod on top of the roof, and a special satellite mechanism.
Ø  There is a VISUAL ONLINE system between the villa and the company.
Ø  All the ceilings have got carton pierre, and a specially designed illumination system. For this system 1500 lamps with different functions are being used.
Ø  The internal stairs of the villa connecting the floors are covered with granite and their railing is made of imported steel material. If it’s needed a lift system which can be mounted is ready. The garret is designed to be used as a storage depot.
Ø  All the balconies and terrace ground is covered with granite.
Ø  There is an internal television system and a security system with alarm at the villa.
The totally area to be used is 2.400 m².


Green Park Apartments located in Alanya. There are 7 Block2 and 112 private apartments.


Celik Villa located in Alanya. There are just 1 sea view villa's.


Karakocalı I & II Villas located in Alanya. Karakocali Villas 1 have 3 villas and Karakocali Villas 2 have 3 villas.


Karina Villa located in Kizilcasehir / Alanya. It was the only Villa in the area when it was completed.

Peter Springs Villas located in Alanya. There are villas complex and have 18 private villas



Zinn Villa located in Alanya. It was the only Villa in the area when it was built.


Zumrut Villas located in Alanya. There are 18 private mountain and sea views villas.


Tara Sitesi located in Alanya. There are 32 private apartments.


Castle View Apartments Located in Alanya. There are 22 Apartments. All SOLD


Construction of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry building's exterior plaster, mosaic, and interior plaster works are done by us.


TURKLER is a neighborhood in the Alanya district of Antalya province. The primary school of Türkler construction works was done by us.


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